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Metalfrio Solutions operates in the plug-in commercial refrigeration market. Its leadership, production capacity, innovation, commitment and dependability have helped it build a strong partner relationship with customers for nearly fifty years.

It is a global company that combines expertise, technology and flexibility, always anticipating its customers and consumers needs. Metalfrio Solutions’ customers include the leading international and regional brands of beverages, ice cream, food and retail businesses all benefiting from the customized solutions that make a difference in displaying the most varied products at the point of sale.

Metalfrio Solutions comprises several commercial refrigeration brands – Metalfrio, Derby, Caravell and Klimasan – to meet its customers’ various needs and markets. With the complete portfolio of commercial refrigeration products, Metalfrio Solutions is currently one of the largest refrigeration companies in the world and continues to grow as a result of a strong expansion program.

Metalfrio provides much more than just refrigeration products. It offers merchandising tools for the point of sale, as well as the best business strategy for its customers through the customization of complete solutions from product concept development to production, distribution and post-sale services. By providing these solutions the Company has built a solid commitment to its customers by following their growth and meeting their needs worldwide.

With a production capacity of 1.5 million units per year, the company operates on nearly every continent, with 4 strategically located production facilities – Brazil, Mexico, Turkey and Russia. These locations produce state-of-the-art technology equipment with global distribution reaching more than 80 countries.

You can rely on Metalfrio Solutions to make a difference at the point of sale, showcasing your products and your brand with the best display always.


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