Reliable vertical coolers

We have been working with these coolers for several years and we find them reliable with outstanding build quality. These products are most suitable for our mission to extend the lifetime of cold equipment. Our refrigeration technicians are committed and experienced in releasing these products into recirculation to reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Vertical Coolers

Functional and modern vertical coolers can be used as a food storage, for chilling goods or for exposition of cooled products in the retail trade. Refrigeration cabinets are ideal for storing/cooling/exposing/selling drinks, milk products, variety of semi-finished products, fruit and vegetables, many other things, e.g. why not flowers and medicine as well.

Finnish producers offer traditional refrigerated cabinets with hinged doors as well as with convenient sliding doors. These coolers have stable temperature behind large glass doors and offer large display area for your products.

Helkama coolers:

  • C5G (height - 2062 mm, width - 600 mm depth - 710 mm)
  • C8G (height - 2062 mm, width - 864 mm depth - 710 mm)
  • C10G / GH (height - 2062 mm, width - 1195 mm, Depth - 710 mm)
  • Product images

    IMG_3472 IMG_3473 IMG_3471 Helkama C10G