Cooling and refrigeration equipment which gets broken, damaged or close to the end of it’s lifespan can be quite a headache and a great expense for shopkeepers. Getting rid of this kind of equipment is both difficult and expensive. And when old equipment has been removed, new replacements should be ready for installment. New equipment should be able to serve as well as previous ones with the same principles.


Even though recycling in Finland is indeed effective, cooling equipment has a bigger strain on the environment than most of the other type of equipments used in retail sector. Chemicals and metals are always a challenge for recycling. Directly released in to nature, these agents are highly detrimental. To secure our green future, we have to use resources at hand with responsibility. For this cause at Coldex Oy we have developed Second Life -concept, which aims to prolong lifespan of cooling equipment.


As the old equipment gets dismantled and brought to us, everything enters to our inspection process. During this inspection, we create an detailed report of which parts must be replaced and what is needed to improve the condition of the furniture.


The process includes renewal of equipment from inside and out. All units are washed and cleaned. Dents and scratches are removed and broken parts are replaced with new ones. Equipment’s machinery is carefully inspected and leakage tests are made, after this parts are replaced with new ones if necessary or as an option for the client. During this process, we ensure that all the standards and modern norms are met. The above procedure can itself reduce equipment’s consumption of electricity. Inside the equipment we can make several significant changes, for example we can replace fluorescent tubes with LED lamps and old cooling fans with new power saving ones - these solutions reduce the power consumption even further. Finally, all the surfaces gets painted and finished in such a way that the difference between the new cabinet and our renovation will be very hard to notice. The end result is an environmentally friendly product that creates jobs and brings clear financial savings for decision-makers that are responsible for the acquisition of equipment.

Does this sound too good? Try Second Life products, you'll understand why this is something to be excited about.