Labaratory freezer -60°C


New deep freezer available in five sizes 130L, 230L, 300L, 360L, 485L net volume. Standard setting is -60° C air temperature in the freezer at an ambient temperature up to +30° C. Suits for laboratory as well for industrial research.


External sizes: available

Temperature range: available -10..-45 °C or -30..-60 °C



-10..-45 °C: R404a
-30..-60 °C Mix of Hydro Carbons






Digital temperature display ( 0,1 digits)
Controller protected by PP heavy duty cover
High and low temperature alarm separately adjustable
Alarm resets automatically when the temperature is normalized
Interior made from strong white coated steel
Strong castors with brakes
A new generation of single compressor freezers, with purely environmentally friendly gases
Maintenance free system
Low energy consumption
Pure environmentally friendly HC refrigerant
100 mm high performance CFC free foam insulation
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