Dispaly Cooler R10


New good quality display cooler. Easy to use, with advanced features.


  • External size: K2055 x L1193 x S737 mm
  • Temperature range: +2..+8°C
  • Volume (Net): 961 L
  • Weight: 194 kg
  • Ambient temperature: +10..+35°C
  • Refrigerant: R134a, available also R290






New, spacious Display Cooler R10 with two glass doors.
Display cooler for drinks.
Hinged or sliding doors (must be specified when ordering).
Advertising space on the sides and in the canopy.
Electronic Temperature Controller.
Number of shelves 10 pcs.
LED light
Additional features available for this model: Higher light canopy advertisement, door locks, street version IP24, winter version, additional shelves, R290 refrigerant, cabinet branding
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