Second-Life display cooler Festivo 86 SO


Second-Life display cooler Festivo 86 SO. With hinged doors vertical cooler Festivo 86 SO made from high quality materials. Ideal suits for flowers, drinks or other cold items display and store in small shops. Evaporator located on the top of the cooler so the bottom level is fully accessible.


External sizes: H865 x W750 x D2060 mm
Temperature range: +4…+10°C
Capacity (Netto): 650 L
Power: 490W


kylmäkaluste  omakoneellinen  dynääminen-jäähdytys



Used and renovated upright cooler Festivo 86 SO is an efficient and high-quality commercial refrigerator with hinged doors.
• Cooler for drinks.
• Commercial place on outer side walls.
• Outer side walls color: blue.
• Electronic Temperature Controller.
• 5 shelves and bottom level.
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