Second-Life Display Cooler Helkama C8G


Second-Life Display Cooler Helkama C8G. With sliding or hinged doors renovated Cooler Helkama C8G made from high quality materials. Upright cooler C8G is ideal for a small store and can hold 318 pcs of 0.5L cans.


External sisez: 865 x 750 x 2060mm
Temperature range: +4…+10°C
Capacity: 760 L
Power: 420 W





Renovated Cooler Helkama C8G made from a high-quality material, it is stylish device for retail products.
Cooler for drinks
Space for advertising on the outside walls
Manual temperature controller
5 shelves and bottom level
Interior light
Capacity 0.33l bottles 928pcs, 0.5l cans: 318pcs, 0.5l bottles: 405pcs
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