Multideck EML C


Edullinen ja helppokäyttöinen kylmähylly myymälään, jonka avulla saat tuotteesi helposti näkyviin.


Refrigerant: R452a
External Dimensions: available
Temperature range: available


kylmäkaluste  omakoneellinen  dynaaminen-jäähdytys  automaattinen_sulatusjärjestelmä  led-valaistus



Plug- in Multideck EML C is a high quality and made from durable materials with five shelves, where can be placed comprehensive range of products
An inexpensive and easy to use in store refrigerator, that helps you easily display products.
Night roller blind
4 shelf levels with price stripes and bottom level
Shelves with height and angle adjustment
Electronic control with digital display of temperature
Top LED light
Automatic defrosting system
Adjustable legs

If necessary, other size options and additional features are possible

Adjustable legs

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