Upright freezer CKF 990


Upright freezer CKF 990. New double door Display freezer CKF 990 with dynamic cooling, spacious and inexpensive. Easy-to-use freezer, where can be frozen food be easily displayed.


External sizes: 1200 x 690 x 1998 mm
Temperature range: -18…-23 °C
Volume (Net): 880 L
Energy cons. kWh/24h: 13,5 kWh
Noise: 55 dB(A)
Weight (Net): 189 kg



Standard equipment:
Illuminated canopy for advertising
Inside light: 2 Vertical LED lamps
Digital display of temperature
Durable, integrated door handles
Self-closing hinged doors with locks
10 shelves with price channels sizes: 527 x 464 mm, material: white wire
Freezer with glass doors
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