Second Life – Refurbished Cooling Equipments

THE GREEN OPTION Cooling and refrigeration equipment which gets broken, damaged or close to the end of it’s lifespan can be quite a headache and a great expense for shopkeepers. Getting rid of this kind of equipment is both difficult and expensive. And when old equipment has been removed, new replacements should be ready for installment. New equipment should be able to serve as well as previous ones with the same principles. RESPONSIBLE CHOICE Even though recycling in Finland is indeed effective, cooling equipment has a bigger strain on the environment than most of the other type of equipments used in retail sector. Chemicals and metals are always a challenge for recycling. Directly released in to nature, these agents are highly detrimental. To secure our green future, we have to use resources at hand with responsibility. For this cause at Coldex Oy we have developed Second Life…
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Myymälä 2015 fairs

We have reserved a spot in Myymälä 2015 fairs. You will find us from sector 5A and we will be presenting our services and company to all of you. Myymälä 2014 fairs show us how important it is to show up to meet potential new and old clients and because…
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Helkama & Festivo vertical coolers

We are happy to announce that we have acquired large quantity of used Helkama and Festivo vertical coolers. We have been working with these coolers for several years and we find them reliable with outstanding build quality. These products are most suitable for our mission to extend the lifetime of…
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Coldex got more responsive

Our statistics have shown ever increasing trend of usage of smartphones and tablets, to serve better our customers we started project to renew our website and to make it more responsive. During last month almost 40% of users were using these modern devices. Development and testing of this new feature took month…
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