Coldex Oy

Coldex is your partner in finding cooling and shopfitting solutions for your retail store. Our technical expertise includes services for spare parts, refurbishing, painting and maintenance. This way you don’t need to buy new units and you save money knowing your equipment will serve you longer.

Coldex Oy address: Vesimäentie 3, 15860, Hollola, Finland | phone/fax: +358 37 873 714
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Our services

Our array of services has expanded over the years and now we have services on the fields of logistics, cold equipment importing, exporting, sales and support.

We have over decade of experience in the logistics business. Our field of expertise incorporates cargo transportation between European Union and CIS-countries. We can also offer a wide range of freight forwarding and storage services.

  • Freight Forwarding services
  • Experience of EU and CIS-country freighting
  • We make it happen
Coldex Logistics

Because we work as a distributor for several cooling equipment manufacturing companies, our prices will always stay at highly competitive level. We also can swiftly and effectively answer the needs of our customers in the field of retail and industrial cooling for bigger and smaller businesses.

  • Competitive prices
  • Maintenance and refurbishing services
  • Cool is our business
Coldex Equipment

In our stock, you will find both new, used and refurbished refrigeration equipment with good prices and excellent condition suited for the needs of your company.

  • New, used & refurbished
  • Reliability at low-cost
  • We can provide extended warranty
Coldex In-Stock

We supply technological equipment for factory-farm enterprises from cameras of shock freezing to complex automated production lines.

  • Personal solutions for each client
  • World's leading manufacturers components
  • Great quality and reliability

Choose Coldex

When you work with us, you can be sure that you found a reliable and experienced partner for your business.

01. Shopfitting

If you want to open completely new retail business, or perhaps expand your existing one, Coldex will offer our expertise and help you find the needed solutions to save time and money for your company. Our selected manufacturer partners will offer wide range of quality cold equipment and shopfitting furnitures.

02. Cold equipment

We have agile partners which have extensive cold equipment solutions for all sizes of retail stores. And because we are working directly with manufacturing companies our prices will always stay competitive.

03. We deliver

We are operating in Finland but thanks to our partners in the field of logistics we can serve our customers all around in the known universe.

04. Maintenance and refurbishing

We have years of experience in the field of cold equipment maintenance and if you want to customize or refurbish your equipment we certainly can work our magic. We are familiar with painting and taping equipment to fit in your shop or to advertise your products.

Contact us

We are open from monday to friday 08:00-16:00, if requested we can arrange phone and video meetings outside of our regular business hours.


Vesimäentie 3
15860 Hollola


+358 37 873 714