Compressor pack


We offer many different models of compressor packs. The unit is either a single, plug-in unit (MONOBLOCK) or a distributed remote unit (SPLIT-UNIT), the installation and suitability of which must be checked on a case by case basis. Units are mounted on the wall or ceiling panel of a room, whereas in distributed remote unit, evaporator is installed inside and condenser unit outside or inside the room separately. Both options can be installed with ventilation for heated air.

A plug-in solution where both evaporator and condenser are installed and connected. This option does not require specific welding etc. work and comes filled with a cooling agent. Mounted on a wall or ceiling panel in a room, depending on space and needs.

Usually used in larger cold and freezing rooms. This option does require specific welding and connection works during installation. Evaporator is installed inside the cold room and condenser can be taken outside and installed separately.

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