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The commercial strengths of a Chest Cooler are energy efficiency and adaptability. A covered chest cooler maintains the temperature around the products with much less electricity consumption. Today, more and more stores have shifted to serving their customers with fresh meat and fish products in chest coolers, as it is both more profitable and more efficient in terms of shelf life.

The next time you lift minced meat or chicken legs from the cooler, notice how evenly the coolness is distributed. The cool air mass naturally drops down, and with lids, it remains even easier and more energy efficient, thus significantly reducing your carbon footprint. Contact us here

The energy consumption of a chest cooler relative to the weight of the products is significantly lower and the temperature more uniform than, say, a multideck. In our selection of coolers you will find a variety of options that make it easy to build islands by connecting the pools to the amount of product you need. Read more …


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