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The good old chest freezer at the back of the grandpa’s kiosk, where you could go to get some chic-ice after a meal. Or these new freezers with modern cooling agent and technology that make for stiff and beautiful islands on the middle floor or rows by the wall.

Chest freezers have been the cornerstones of grocery stores for years. In them, we look for our everyday and festive dishes on a daily basis. It also means that the reliability and small details of these devices can make a lot of difference both in store design and in operating costs.

As a result of decades of collaboration with Finnish food retailers, we have learned a lot about how important a freezer is to a store. Today’s chest freezers are made from eco-friendly, carefully selected materials and have a smaller carbon footprint and a significantly lower GWP.

Plug-in freezers are easy to add according to need and season and are a good complement to center refrigeration units. When you need to display your products in a compelling way, contact us so we can work together to find the right solution for your store. Read more …


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