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With busy schedules, fast serving and cooking, lots of staff in the kitchen, the right and efficient equipment will help your business meet these challenges hands on, sleeves rolled up. Finland’s high level of hygiene and precise storage temperatures for raw materials require a great deal of equipment and people in the restaurant industry.

For many years, we have worked extensively with Finnish restaurant entrepreneurs, and our range of refrigeration cabinets for the needs of large kitchens is both efficient and of the highest standard. Stainless steel surfaces and comfort-enhancing details ensure the efficiency of your kitchen and the preservation of raw materials.

We can offer you coolers and freezers for large kitchens with glass or solid hinged doors. All equipment is made from high quality materials that take into account Evira’s exact requirements for food and raw materials storage. The exterior and interior are made of AISI 430 steel, which gives the unit a high level of hygiene and helps keep it clean. Designed for professional use, large kitchen refrigeration units will serve you for a long time and bring comfort and reliability to your kitchen.
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Hinged door and lid options for your commercial kitchen

In our stock you will find upright freezers and coolers with glass or solid doors, depending on what it is you require in the kitchen and what type of products you plan to store. In glass door models, the doors are equipped with heating resistors that prevent the doors from fogging, giving unobstructed view to the products. There are also stops on the doors, which helps keep the doors open for loading or unloading products. Read more …


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