We specialize in refrigeration equipment, it’s sales,
support and service to our customers.
Over the years, we have established long-term commercial relationships,
so we have the resources to serve both small and large business professionally.


We provide our customers with all maintenance work on refrigeration equipment, either in the customer's own premises or in our premises in Hollola. We also carry out maintenance work on central cooling unit equipment and cold storages.
While refrigeration equipment in your store, for example, will run smoothly, it is always worthwhile to do annual maintenance and check the condition of all refrigeration equipment to avoid unexpected problems and major losses, especially during the high season.
At the same time, old refrigeration equipment can be modernized to become more modern and energy efficient, for example by installing LED lights in place of old fluorescent lamps, replacing energy efficient fan motors, or installing glass or acrylic doors, which can significantly reduce energy consumption.
We also provide refurbishment services for various refrigeration equipment, removing dents, scratches and painting them like new. At the same time, we review all equipment, replace defective and worn parts with new and more energy-efficient ones.

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