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It’s nice to see how well the European ice cream culture has landed in Finland. Nowadays, high quality ice cream bars with a variety of flavors can be found in almost every corner. This is not only due to the proliferation of gourmets, but because ice cream, especially during the high season and at parties, is a very profitable product to keep in your cafe or shop.

As a product of high quality and deliciousness great ice cream requires formidable display freezer around it to preserve and promote the product. Our ice cream display freezers are made of high quality materials such as clear, high durability glass that gives the best visibility to impressive products.

Our ice display freezers are made with GN standards, which makes it easy to transfer ice cream directly from the manufacturing process, maintaining a great appearance. The inside surfaces of the ice cream display freezer are made of stainless steel, thus providing a high level of hygiene and easy cleaning. Read more …

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