Second life - Concept

Used refrigeration equipment – Eco-friendly choice

Second life - Concept


Second life - Concept

Chemicals and metals used in refrigeration equipment make them particularly challenging for recycling. To ensure a clean future, we must use our resources responsible. As a result, Coldex Oy has developed the Second Life concept, which aims to significantly extend the life of the products. Second Life- concept Used refrigeration equipment

Second life - Concept

When old refrigeration equipment’s dismantled and brought to us, it is thoroughly inspected. During the inspection, we will create a detailed report on which parts need to be replaced and what is need to do to improve the condition of refrigeration equipment.

Here example of what refrigeration work involves:


  • test for water flow

Frame and door / lock

  • the condition of the door seal, hinges and lock
  • check heating operation
  • general condition and cleanliness of the equipment

Controller / thermostat

  • Checking the operation of the control thermostat
  • smelting check
  • check the indicator lights and switches


  • ambient temperature measurement
  • air circulation in the equipment
  • fixed thermometer’s temperature control
  • operating sound and resonance check

Second Life

The process involves replacing internal and external parts. Firstly, equipment is washed and cleaned. Wrinkles and scratches are removed and broken parts replaced.

Compressors of the equipment are carefully inspected and after water flow tests the parts are replaced if necessary. During this process, we make sure that all standards and modern standards are met. Above mention procedures can in itself significantly reduce the electricity consumption of the equipment. In addition, LED lamps and new energy-efficient fans can be replaced, which further reduces electricity consumption. Finally, the equipment is painted and the surfaces are finished so that you do not even notice the difference with the new furniture. This equipment can also be branded as desired by the customer. All maintained equipment sale with our 4 months warranty. Finally, it is an eco- friendly product that brings clear financial savings to the purchasing decision maker.


Does that sound too good? Try our Second Life- concept products to see why you should be excited about this.

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