Store design and building

We specialize in refrigeration equipment, it’s sales, support and service to our customers.
Over the years, we have established long-term commercial relationships,
so we have the resources to serve both small and large business professionally.

Store Design

When needed, we handle the design of complete stores for refrigeration equipment as well as other store furniture such as dry shelves, cash desks and entrance systems.
This will place the refrigeration equipment right from the start in places that make sense for energy efficiency and maintenance. We design the stores so that shopping there is a pleasant experience for the consumer. This is achieved by making the store's visual appearance as impressive as possible, choosing just the right furniture for your store and planning the routes inside the store in an optimal way. This allows the shop owner to display the products he sells as freely and as desired in his own shop.
So you can focus on your core competencies and get a new and impressive grocery store on a turnkey basis. Send a request for quotation, we will take care of the design and execution.


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