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Hinged door coolers are definitely most common refrigerators we see today in grocery stores. Small, large and medium-sized stores benefit from the hassle-free and versatile storage provided by well lit, hinged door display coolers.

When dealing with cooler selection, it’s important to select strategically most efficient place and space where to place the cabinet. This will help a lot to determine the size and model of cabinet and also type of doors needed.

In the case of a two-door cooler, it would also be worth considering whether the doors are sliding or hinged. Especially for small shops, the passageways are often narrow, making sliding doors a safer and more comfortable option. Hinged doors are easier to open and easier to access.

We provide professional, new or Second Life coolers that will definitely fit your budget. We offer our customers high-quality refrigeration equipment that will help you preserve products without sacrificing taste and quality.

Back bars and table tops

In restaurants, bars and cafes you can often find so-called Back Bar coolers. These are often fitted under the counter, making serving cold drinks easy and quick. In our product range you will find a variety of solutions that support your business.

Having a Table Top Cooler is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your office meeting room, bringing instant refreshments right at your fingertips.

Wine Coolers

In order to ensure the preservation of wines and the right serving temperature, it is important to select a suitable and customized cooler unit.In our wine cabinet range you will find cooler cabinets that are suitable for luxurious and casual décor without compromising on the overall look and feel. Read more …


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