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Pastry products at their best will definitely make your mouth water. Fluffy, fresh sandwiches, delicious-looking cakes, snacks and other pastries keep their delicious appearance in our high-quality cold pastry cases.

If you want a bigger setup for a cafe or a pastry shop displays, we can build the right mix for you by combining different options. Here you will find a wide selection of pastry displays with straight or curved glasses, adjustable and clear shelves, with material choices that emphasize the appearance of your product. Stainless steel inner surfaces guarantee a high level of hygiene.

We can also help you design a shop or cafe setups with pastry cases, cash desks and payment terminals, preparation and working surfaces with ergonomic storage of raw materials. Over the many years we have worked with Finnish bakery and café industry, we’ve learned a lot and want to share this knowledge. We know quite well how important it is to have a café with an impressive, beautiful and convergent look.

Some of our pastry case models are also available with double glasses, which effectively lowers energy used by the equipment lowering the upkeep cost. In the long run, a small detail can make a significant difference in the cost of running cooling equipment in a cafe or shop.

We encourage you to contact us here so that we can work together on your needs and goals. This way we can make sure that you get the exact equipment you need to get the best results. Contact us here

Compressor technology

Modern technology can easily influence the green values of pastry case operations. Read more …

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