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Impressive presentation of fresh ingredients such as meat and fish gives any trade more credibility and a clear message of quality. The serve over counter has always been the main attraction of small and large supermarkets when the customer is looking for fresh ingredients for cooking.

Of course, it is also practical that fresh, semi-finished and ready-to-eat foods can be found in the multideck or open top coolers, but nothing beats the beautifully laid out products that the customer can choose based on their size and appearance.

When selecting your serve over counters, you can easily build them in and for the overall look of your market. When choosing this equipment, it is worth considering whether, for example, the front glass of the counter wants to be curved or straight. Above all, however, serve over counter is intended to showcase the products stored in it easily and beautifully in front of the customer.

We provide professional, new or second life concept serve over counters suitable for your budget. We provide our customers with high-quality refrigeration equipment that will help you preserve products without sacrificing taste and quality. Contact us here

Plug-in or central unit solution

The plug-in counter is an easy way to complement an existing store setup or bring a spectacular display to a smaller shop where there is no need or possibility for a central unit.
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