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Spiral Freezers

Spiral freezers are suitable for freezing a wide variety of products. They are widely used in, for example, meat and fish processing, dairies and bakeries, and for freezing vegetables.

The biggest benefit of spiral freezers is that the products stay intact during freezing as the products cool down very quickly, the cold air flow is efficient and optimally distributed. Freezing time is only about 20-60 minutes so the products do not stick together and taste is best preserved.


It uses state-of-the-art components and automation to ensure reliable and energy-efficient operation, so it also has low operating costs.


Why spiral freezer?

The major advantage of the spiral freezer is the efficient use of space and uninterrupted automated food production, which significantly reduces costs.



The spiral freezer is hygienic and easy to clean because the housing and drum are made of high quality stainless steel and the belt is made of hygienically approved polypropylene.

Coldex delivers spiral freezers of various sizes and capacities to meet the wishes and needs of our customers. Feel free to make a request of offer!

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