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This combination of chest and hinged door freezers wins the first prize in any floor space saving competition. This multifunctional and practical freezer is a sure choice if you want to make the most of your store space in frozen products.

When selecting cooling equipment for your store, combi freezer is a great solution to think about. Due to their size, the combination of chest and cabinet freezers can store a lot of products with less energy consumption. Thanks to its hinged glass door, combi freezer brings out the product stored in perfectly and you can add even more branding via taping and colours.

Hinged doors of this freezer are equipped with defrost resistors, so products remain highly visible. Sliding and glass doors are ergonomically designed and easy to access even in a small shop.

The combi freezer is also a great addition to the other refrigeration equipment in the mall. With this equipment you can easily expand the range of frozen foods. We encourage you to contact us here so that we can work together on your needs and goals. This way we can make sure that you get the exact equipment you need to get the best results.

We offer professional, new or second life concept combi freezers suitable for your budget. We offer provide customers with high-quality refrigeration equipment that will help you preserve products without sacrificing taste and quality. Contact us here

Compressor technology

Modern technology can easily influence the green values of combi freezer’s operations. Read more …

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