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Often, storing frozen food in the store is arranged in chest freezers, either by the walls or on the middle floor. But what to do if there is not enough space or if the product range is not very large and freezer sourcing is not an option? The answer to this is definitely the upright freezer.

The overwhelming advantage of a vertical freezer is the space it takes up from the floor area. When it comes to expanding the store’s product range to frozen foods or adding new items or brands to an existing one, a vertical freezer is a very good choice.

Our range of equipment a selection of upright freezers that can be placed alongside coolers of the same make and model, creating a consistent and impressive set of equipment without sacrificing surface area or equipment quality.

The light canopy located at the top of the freezer cabinets can also easily be labeled with the product family logo or label to help the customer identify the contents or brand of the cabinets. This is a small but effective way to increase your marketing and grow your brand.

Many of our vertical freezers also have transfer wheels and adjustable support legs, which allow you to move the appliance during, for example, seasonal sales. Contact us here


Digital controls ensure that you can monitor and control the operation and temperature of the freezer fast and easy. Read more …

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