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Have you ever noticed, how important it is to make your product beautiful and attractive for it to sell? Have you ever wondered about how well your products will be preserved and fresh? No worries, we have got just the tools and solutions for you in our multideck selection. We offer our clients open front and display door multidecks in different sizes and line-up. Rest assured that together, we’ll find the right solution for your products.

When you are selecting the right way to store goods in cooling conditions, it’s best to approach this with product content and available space. Plug-in selection for this is quite large, so going product-first will make sure that your customers will find these products faster and easier.

We encourage you to contact us so that together we could go through your needs and requirements to make sure that you get just the right solution. Together we can work out best results.

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Plug-in and central cooling solutions

In retail, shopkeepers very often need to assess the quantity and range of their products. If the store is spacious and the amount of refrigerated products is large, then it is definitely worth considering if a central cooling solution for multidecks is a better option. The machine room can be distanced away, which helps to control the heat and sound loads it generates. On the other hand, if you want more flexibility in the shop with less range, it is better to choose plug-in technology for your equipment. Read more …

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