We also offer our customers different sizes of glass door cold and freezer rooms for easy access from the store side. The glass door store rooms are implemented inside the store with a section for the customer and separately for the store staff. This is a great way to combine accessibility of a multideck with the space and efficiency of a cold room. Ease of use and those extra square meters of floor used up well, are a great asset to any grocery store.
Optional shelves, ramps, wind curtains (PVC strip curtains) and air curtains are available in our rooms.
The temperature range in glass door rooms is the same as in cold rooms normally (+0 .. + 15 ° C) and freezer rooms (-15 ..- 22 ° C). The thickness of the panels is 80-100 mm, depending on the temperature range. Technically, we are able to offer you several models of compressor packs. Cooling units are either a single plug-in unit ready for connection or a remote solution. Suitability and best options have to be checked on a case-by-case basis for installation.
Integral units are mounted on the wall or ceiling of a room, whereas in center remote unit, evaporators are installed inside the room and the condenser unit is installed outside or inside the room separately.
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