Cabinet Gastro C700


The cabinet is timelessly stylish and easy to keep clean, high quality and efficient. Ideal for even smaller stores.

Temperature range: +1..+10 °C

Capacity: 626 L

External sizes: 720 x 860 x 2020 mm





Cabinet Gastro C700 is a high quality and efficient made from extremely durable materials and designed for long-term use. Includes mm:
Plug-in (internal compressor).
Electronic control with digital display of temperature.
Dynamic cooling.
5 hyllytasoa, joissa on vierintärajoittimet.
Automatic defrost.
Full front doors.
Self-closing door.
Magnetic, easily replaceable door gasket.
Door lock.
Adjustable legs.
Shelf guide.
Metal coated shelves.
Exterior made of glass and stainless steel – mirror finish.
Automatic evaporation of condensate.
Automatic fan switch.
Exterior made of stainless steel – grinded finish.
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