Wine Cabinet EVV 100


Stylish Wine Cabinet EVV 100 with pine shelves. Perfect for a restaurant, for example. Also available in black and white.


External sizes: H650 x W588 x D1918 mm

Temperature range: +4 °C/+18 °C

Capacity: 350 L


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Wine cabinet EVV 100 with a glass door contains:
Exterior 100 % solid pine wood.
Integrated lock.
Interior Grey plastified steel.
Interior LED lighting.
Solid pine wood doors with stainless steel handle.
Exterior coating 100% pine.
Self-closing door with lock.
Adjustable wooden shelves, 9 pcs.
Temperature and automatic defrost regulated by a digital controller.
Energy-saving non-electric condensate pan.
Evaporator treated with anti-corrosion polyester Epoxi.
Ventilated condensation system.
Ventilated evaporation system.
Climatic class 4 (30ºC, 55%RH).
Recommended temperature for red wine is 10ºC to 18ºC / white, rosé and brut is 4ºC to 8ºC.
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