Wine Cabinet EVV 200


Wine Cabinet EVV 200. The models in this range were designed and manufactured for the display and sale of red, white, rosé and brut wine bottles and is the best solution for serving wine at an ideal temperature. This model is DUAL-TEMP configuration.


External dimensions: W1307 x S588 x K1918 mm

Temperature range: + 4 ° C / + 18 ° C

Capacity: 350 + 350 L


kylmäkaluste  omakoneellinen  automaattinen_sulatusjärjestelmä  dynääminen-jäähdytys  led-valaistus  



Exterior 100% Pine wood exterior (Top, Front, Sides). Interior Pre-painted galvanized steel interior.
LED lighting.
Itsesulkeutuvat ovet lukoillaDigital temperature controller with automatic defrost system.
Evaporative pan.
Evaporator coil coated with anti-corrosion material 100% Polyester.
Forced air refrigeration system.
Split wall for dual temp configuration.

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