Counter MARI SQ


Counter MARI SQ with straight front glass available with internal compress or external compressor. MARI SQ counter will keep your products fresh and attractive. Straight front glass and wide exposition surface provide excellent visibility of products. Counter available in different sizes and also has corner model. Ask more!


Temperature range: +0..+10 °C

Refrigerant: R404a


kylmäkaluste  omakoneellinen  dynaaminen-jäähdytys    automaattinen_sulatusjärjestelmä 




Plug-in (internal compressor).
Electronic control with digital display of temperature.
Dynamic cooling.
Automatic defrost.
Straight front glass.
Laminated worktop.
Storage space made of aluminum.
Plexiglass back-covers.
Exterior painted by powder – RAL colour.
LED illuminated exposition – white light (cold light).
Exposition surface made of AISI 304 steel.

Additional equipment:

Remote version (external compressor)
Innovative food protection technology – TiO2
Set of sides – 2 pieces
Tiltable system of front glass
Automatic evaporation of condensate
FISH version
Customer front shelf
Exposition light – meat colour (red)
Movable partition low / high
Fixed (still) partition low / high
Front bumper made of aluminium
Evaporator defrosting heater
Electric socket – single or double
Partition base
Stepped exposition area (2 or 3 steps)
Worktop made of stainless steel
Worktop made of granite
Set of connecting elements
Body made of wood-structured steel
Low front glass
LED illuminated front bottom panels
Cashier shelf over the worktop (400×500 mm)
Storage space made of AISI 304 steel
Exposition shelf made of glass
Drip tray made of INOX

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