Counter VMD


Plug in counters VMD are a range of cases with rear glass structure that include intermediate shelves with LED lighting to enhance the total visibility of the exposed product.
Specially designed for the areas of sale of charcuterie, delicatessen, cheeses as well as of fish and meat products.
Its wide exposure area of 810 mm and its intermediate shelf help expose the product to highlight its quality.


Temperature range: +0 … + 6 ° C

Different models and sizes, ask for a quote!




Modular line designed for meat and precooked and packaged foods, charcuterie, milk products and sandwiches.
Automatic defrost.
Ventilated condensation system
Forced evaporation system
Stainless steel evaporative tray with double vat, one for hot gas and another with electrical heater
Plastic coated steel exterior
AISI 304 stainless steel worktop
AISI 304 stainless steel exposure surface
Lacquered DM decoration
Folding secured curved glass
Plastic coated steel interior
LED lighted middle shelf and exposure surface
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