Missouri AC 120 fish PP


Missouri AC 120 fish PP 130-SLA/PSLA & Missouri AC 120 fish PS 130-SLA/PSLA & Missouri AC 120 fish self 130-SLA/PSLA
Length without sidewalls 937/1250/1500/1875/2500 mm
Thickness of two sidewalls 60 mm
Area of display part 0,9/1,2/1,4/1,8/2,4 m2
Ambient temperature ≤ +25 ˚С
Humidity ≤ 60 %
Air velocity -/- /≤ 0,2 m/s
Operating temperature -1…+1 ˚С
Temperature class M0


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Missouri AC 120 fish PP/PS/self A
Specialized counter for fish-on-ice sales. Available in modification self for self-service.
Fits with plug-in
Goods outlay depth 880 mm
Static cooling
Uplift and holding of front glass with the help of gas-lift system
Inner enclosure LED lighting
Stainless steel inner enclosure
Modifications: with/without additional refrigerated box

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