Freezer / Chest Cooler IT


New plug-in chest Freezer / Chest Cooler IT is high-quality and easy-to-use equipment for your store. Four different sizes (183 Panorama / 183/210/250) are available, with different temperature settings. Can be placed in the store as single pieces or as whole islands.


From the menu below, select the models and features that suit your needs and send us a request for quotation or contact us for advice.



Freezer (-): -18 to 23 ° C

Chest cooler (+): -1 .. + 5 ° C

Freezer / chest cooler (U): -18 ..- 23 / -1 .. + 5 ° C

Standard color: white, indicate your desired color or branding preferences, when you submit your request for a quotation




Galvanized steel sheet in silver/ titan silver
Galvanized impact-resistant and shockproof coated steel sheet in white, food-safe.
Deep-drawn panorama glazing made of tempered glass.
electronic control, Temperature control for 2 separately regulated sections, refrigeration area (TN) and freezer area (TB)
Automatic defrosting on an energy-saving hot gas basis, automatic condensate evaporation
Roller set with 4 fixed track rollers.
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