Freezer / Chest cooler Yalos


New plug-in Freezer / Chest cooler Yalos with two temperature ranges -18 ..- 16 ° C or -1 .. + 7 ° C. provide crystal-clear and brilliant product presentation.


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Temperature range: -18..-16 / -1..+7°C
Refrigerant: R290
Colors: white/ grey


pakastekaluste  kylmäkaluste  omakoneellinen  dynääminen-jäähdytys  automaattinen_sulatusjärjestelmä  energiasäästo  led-valaistus




Galvanized steel sheet in silver/ titan silver
Galvanized impact-resistant and shockproof coated steel sheet in white, food-safe
Deep-drawn panorama glazing made of tempered glass
electronic control, Temperature control for 2 separately regulated sections, refrigeration area (TN) and freezer area (TB)
Automatic defrosting on an energy-saving hot gas basis, automatic condensate evaporation.
Roller set with 4 fixed track rollers
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