Ice Cream display freezer Veera Ice


New plug-in Ice Cream display freezer Ice6.
High quality ice cream display freezer for best presentation and sale of ice creams. Energy efficient LED light and night roller bind. Available in two different sizes.


Refrigerant: R290
Temperature range: -18…-14


kylmäkaluste  omakoneellinen  dynaaminen-jäähdytys  automaattinen_sulatusjärjestelmä  led-valaistus  energiasäästo  jäätelö



Plug-in (internal compressor)
Electronic control with digital display of temperature
Dynamic cooling
Automatic defrost
Automatic evaporation of condensate
Device dedicated for individual build-over (without external body) with possibility to in-line arrangement
Night roller blind
Straight front glass
Tiltable system of front glass
Interior made of stainless steel – mirror fi nish
Top LED light
Exterior painted by powder – RAL colour
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