Upright freezer Gastro F1400


The new Coldex Gastro F1400 double door freezers is high quality and very spacious, made with the highest quality materials. It is possible to place the Gastro F1400 side by side with, for example, a one-door vertical freezer Gastro F700 or adjacent to other Gastro refrigerators, for a consistent line.

Temperature range: -10…-20°C
External range: 1440 x 860 x 2020 mm
Energy cons. kWh/24h: 15,1 kWh
Capacity: 1376 L
Refrigerant: R-290
Available colors: Inox



Standard equipment:
Plug-in (internal compressor)
Electronic control with digital display of temperature
Dynamic cooling
Automatic defrost
Automatic evaporation of condensate
Automatic fan switch
Solid or glass door
Self-closing door
Magnetic, easily replaceable door gasket
Door lock
Adjustable legs
Interior made of AISI 304 steel
Shelf guides made of INOX
Metal coated shelves
Interior adapted to GN containers
Internal light (n/a solid door)
Exterior made of AISI 304 steel
Tropic version (n/a glass door

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